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joi, 8 noiembrie 2012


PlanOn continues to develop many new and innovative mobile solutions which will revolutionize the "Office in a Pocket" concept.
PlanOn Systems Solutions, Inc. is the world leader in scanning and printing solutions for the mobile professional.

The DocuPen full-page portable scanner provides the ultimate in efficiency, flexibility and versatility by enabling anyone to scan documents, anywhere.
The PrintStik Bluetooth-enabled printer provides on-demand printing without having to hunt for an AC outlet, or even a computer. The DocuPen and PrintStik can be linked together easily to form a photocopier-type solution.
Our products are sold online, in traditional retail stores, and through a network of resellers.
For mobile executives, real estate professionals, and other on-the-go knowledge workers, the DocuPen and PrintStik provide them with the convenience of their office wherever they are.

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