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marți, 26 iulie 2011

Get MacBook Air New from UInvest!

1. I'm Uinvestor, and want to get Mac Book Air. How do I participate?
Submit your success story about UInvest, and allow people to vote for it. If people like your story, and you receive the highest rating, then you will get a new MacBook Air. It's that easy!
2. Does this cost anything?
No! If you win, we will mail you a MacBook Air and pay for the shipping.
3. May I ask my friends and relatives to vote for me?
Absolutely! They should support you.
4. May I encourage others to vote for me by posting messages in forums and sending emails?
Yes! But please do not send any spam: we track this data, and will only accept genuine votes.
Any other questions? Let us know.

UInvest offers ordinary investors the means to put their money to work on their behalf and reap the rewards of a sound investment strategy.
Uinvest helps investors locate and review economic opportunities in Ukraine and Eastern Europe. The company’s user-friendly site offers a convenient and secure means of investing, where individuals can add or withdraw funds at their leisure. Overseen by financial professionals with considerable experience, Uinvest is the preferred means of investing in Ukraine and Eastern Europe.

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